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Rainbow Falls

We left Akaka falls and headed towards Downtown Hilo where we drove pass many buildings erected in the early 1900s.  We headed up the mountain and soon arrived at Waianuenue, or Rainbow Falls.  This waterfall is surrounded by very old, 60′-70′ mango trees, thought to have been brought in by early Asian immigrants who came to work on the plantations here.  After a few photographs, we followed a trail that took us above and behind the waterfall and eventually lead to a massive Banyan tree.  Banyan trees drop their roots from their canopy, and are capable of enveloping entire trees with them.  Their roots eventually mature into separate sections of the tree truck becoming very dense and strong.  In their native habitat, there have been reports of single Banyan trees growing to cover several acres of land and capable of shading entire armies.

rainbow banyanI prefer the 20s exposure one, but had to catch the rainbow. =)

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