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Chain of Craters Road

Driving down Chain of Craters Road you will see Pauahi Crater and many other pit craters formed in dramatic collapses as Kilauea Volcano evolved. The road crosses over many spectacular A’A and Pahoehoe lava flows both ancient as well as many formed in recent decades. This drive reveal the true youth of Big Island and the reality that it is still being born.



As we continue drive down Chain of Craters Road, we will view Mauna Ulu lava shield and it’s many flows including Muliwai a Pele or the river of lava frozen in time on the Holei Pali. Gaze the south coast from Ke Ala Komo and imagine ancient fishing village now covered by lava flows.




Continue to Holei Sea Arch where you will view the 90 foot natural wonder in all it’s glory. Enjoy the ocean breeze as you view the vast cliff lines fading toward south point. In the opposite direction you will view the massive black lava flows of Pu’u’oo which destroyed the town of Kalapana and a section of Chain of Craters Road.

Holei Sea Arch
Holei Sea Arch





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