“He was full of information, history and stories of the island that we would not have educated ourselves with if we just drove ourselves around.”

“Dan provided us with tons of interesting and educational information about the history of the island, the local legends, the natural resources and of course the geological conditions. Keepin a 8 year old interested for that long is a huge challenge and Dan kept all of us engaged the entire tour.”

“Great tour with breathtaking views! It was a very informational tour full of interesting Hawaiian facts. My family loved every minute of it. Our guide was very friendly and enjoyable to listen to.”

“We wanted to get as comprehensive of a tour as possible since this was our first time on this island. We were not disappointed. We saw waterfalls, walked through a lava tube, saw the volcano, and learned a great deal of the history of the island and its multiple ecosystems.”

“Walking through the lava tube is just surreal, to think that lava once flowed through there. The highlight is obviously the volcano at twilight, to be so close to an active volcano with the orange glow lighting up your surroundings was just amazing to see. Wasabi Tours do a great job.”

“The Circle Island tour truly is the best way to see all the beautiful natural wonders of Hawaii and learn about the history of the island. We had amazing weather and even saw sea turtles!!”

“The Waipio Valley is gorgeous and the Black Sand Beach was well worth the 20 minute walk to it. Easy walk. Flowers were beautiful, interesting way of life among the people who live there and the double waterfalls at the end of the valley was breathtaking”